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Do you have a group of up to 8 people that would be interested in improving their horsemanship together?

You get the group together,and discuss the clinic format and topics you would like covered.

· Decide on the topic(s) you want covered during the clinic. This is truly your clinic catered to fit the needs of your group.

· Decide how many hours/days you can commit. example clinics typically last 1 to 4 days and run 3 to 8 hours per day.

· Decide whether you want to do consecutive days or break the clinic up over the course of several weeks. Keep in mind week day clinics are discounted.

· Decide whether or not to allow spectators during the clinic. Decide whether you want to find a facility or come to ours.

· Then call for rate quote for a customized clinic for you and your friends. Price will based on the number of days/hours involved not the number or participants, 1 minimum/8 maximum. Prices for clinics held at Blackthorn Farms will not include the cost of over night stall/paddock rental if applicable. Prices for clinics held away from Blackthorn Farms will include all travel fees in with the clinic cost.

· Clinic coordinator/host will be responsible for dividing the clinic cost how ever they choose, collecting every ones deposits and getting them turned in by the agreed upon due date Coordinator/host will be responsible for getting the balance of the clinic fee collected and turned in before the clinic begins.

· Enjoy a clinic surrounded by people and horses with which you are already familiar and a great discounted rate.

We offer a variety of training services, colt starting, ground
manner refinement, trail training and natural gait
improvement for show or trail. Let us help you obtain the
best results possible with your horse. All of or training
packages include weekly lessons, because we want you to
achieve the same satisfaction with your horse that we do.

Eric has spent time around some of the industries
top horseman, including being in the last month long
class taught by Ray Hunt He has
participated in and attended numerous clinics given by such horseman as Ray Hunt, Dennis Reis, Fran Hancock, Pat Parrelli, Ken Nojorka. Eric gives credit for a lot of his horsemanship knowledge to his dad and time spent as a youngster around local horse legend Roy Garrett.

In addition to training with legendary horsemen, Eric Gray has competed in The Extreme Mustang Makeover and placed in the top 10 in his divisions. Handling wild mustang's requires special skill and extreme expertise, which Eric is happy to demonstrate with his 2008 mustang Johnny Cash. Anyone that has ever had the privledge of particpating and viewing Eric work with the mustangs, knows that there is a higher level of communication and understanding between them only a expert horseman can achieve. Eric and Johnny Cash have made a huge impact on the local community, and they are excited to continue spreading knowledge of better horsmanship and the incredible gift of the American Mustang.

Training is available in the following increments.
$750-30 day increments (approx 20 hours of training)

$1000-30 hours of guaranteed training time. Approx 40-45 days.

Training includes:

-Full board with limited turn out. (shavings,mucking,grooming, etc.)
-Quality pelleted feed and top quality grass hay twice per day.
-5 day of training per week.
- Weekly lesson for you. Lessons may be with your horse or with one of the farm's horses until you and your horse are safely compatible.

*Owner will be responsible for any hauling, farrier, veterinary service, or other expenses incurred during your horses stay at Blackthorn Farms LLC.

Contact to book your stall!

We also offer clinics and intense horse and rider training sessions. These clinics and sessions are to work on achieving horse and rider harmony. During this time we can evaluate and see if it is your horse or its human partner that is causing the problem in the horse-human relationship.

Training Sessions are $40 per hour.

We offer a variety of public clinics through out the year both at our facility and throughout the Southeast. Clinics can cover several topics or go into great detail on a few topics. We can cover everything from basic horsemanship, obtaining the smoothest gait your horse can perform, learning to move your horse laterally, de-spooking, proper collection. colt starting, obstacle training, throttle control with your body rather than your reins. ground driving and several other topics. We strive to help you reach your horsemanship goals though a better understanding of your equine partner.

Go to the Calendar page to view details on up-coming events.
Training & Clinics