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Alexa Peacock
I am originally from Wisconsin. I have taken riding lessons, and worked with horses my whole life. I worked at a rescue center, where I first learned natural horsemanship and eventually adopted and rehabilitated my own horse.

In the fall of 2007, I was able to go and train under Elly and Nathan Foote, Canadian 4 and 5 star dressage and jumping trainers. While staying at ST Stables, I was very fortunate to be instructed by Elly and Nathan Foote. I learned many things from them, including dressage and jumping, as well as driving Belgian Draft horses and skidding logs. Most importantly the knowledge and values of great horse people.
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I have coached riding teams for Riders Interscholastic Federation of North America, and helped organize and actively participated in the RIFNA Horse Shows. I have competed successfully in Hunters Jumpers and have taken students to competition. Also, I am trained and very proficient in classical equitation and have studied the American System of Forward Riding under Alexandra Liss. Riding that consists of correct equitation and application of aids to create a balanced, self carrying equine partner. I have attended and audited clinics from Ann Keenan and Fran Hancock as well.

Currently I work as assitant trainer to Eric Gray at Blackthorn farms, where we train all types of disciplines as well as starting colts. I am and always will be a student of Natural Horsemanship, generally studying Dennis Reis, Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. I consider horses my life and passion and always will.

Now accepting all students for hunter/jumper, natural horsemanship and equitation lessons.

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Eric Gray

1984 started riding at age of 4

1988 GWHEA Youth Reserve High Point

1993 Started shoeing my own horses

1993-1998 Started an average of 15 colts annually

1994 GWHEA 2y/o amateur horse Reserve High Point

1996-98 apprenticed as a farrier under Wesley Teal

1997-98 Official farrier for the Southeastern Regional Paso Fino show

1998 Achieved AFA Certified Farrier status

1998-99 Served as Secretary for the GPFA

1999 Moved BFS into Middle TN

1999-2001 ran BFS and partnered with Curtis Hamilton at all major Walking horse shows in Southeast US

2001- have developed and sold 100s and top quality smooth gaited pleasure horses

2002-2005 Official farrier for SSHBEA Spring & Fall Championship shows

2000-2006 Shod over 30 World Champion Walking Horses and over 100 World Champion Spotted Horses and a WC Walking Mule

2003-06 Continued to run BFS shoeing horses from coast to coast for trainers showing on nearly every walking and spotted horse circuit from coast to coast.

2005 attended Parrelli weekend in Shelbyville TN

2006-Became disenchanted with the Walking Horse show industry and its denial of problems.

2006- Relocated BFS back to Cumming GA and began to downsize shoeing business to concentrate on my passion for horse training and helping the horse and rider.

2007-Purchased Dennis Reis' Universal Horsemanship system

2007-Attended Dennis Reis No Dust Tour stop

2008-Attended Road to the Horse

2008-Competed in The Extreme Mustang Makeover and tamed a wild mustang in 100 days placing 15th in the idols division out of 70 horses.

2008-Completed half of the endorsements required to become a Universal Horsemanship instructor, with a Mustang that was less than 4 months from the wild.

2008-Participated in Ken Norjaka's 3 day Universal Horsemanship clinics (Aug & Nov.)

2008-Participated in 3 No Dust tour stop weekends with Dennis Reis(Mar,Apr,Oct)

2008-Participated in Fran Hancock's 5 day Universal Horsemanship Clinic

2009-Was one of 8 horseman fortunate enough to attend the last month long school taught by horsemanship legend Ray Hunt.

2009- I attended 4 Universal Horsemanship No Dust Tour Stops, and took 4 different horses through the first two courses in Universal Horsemanship including a mustang that was less than 70 days out of the wild.
2009-Down sized my shoeing business to allow me to devote my full-time efforts into training horses and riders.

2009-Started giving clinics on Basic Horsemanship and Smooth Gaited Horsemanship

2009-Competed in my second Extreme Mustang Makeover. Placed 19th due to a 20 point penalty for using Pyrotechnics in a preliminary round, would have been in top 10.

2009- Organized the 2nd annual Ga Mustang Day bringing 20 of the best mustang trainers in the Southeast to a combine clinic and contest setting offering over 12 hours of horsemanship education to the horse community in Georgia. Note Worthy of the 20 competetors involved 11 finished in the top 10 in their respective divisions of the Extreme Mustang Makeover Eastern Stampede, including overall champion Gary Stanfill.

2009- Participated in a 4-day clinic with Master Horseman Buck Brannaman.

Eric Gray
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