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Eric Gray CF

Eric has been shoeing smooth gaited horses since
1992 and an American Farriers Association Certified
Farrier since 1998. Eric has shod World Champion
Walking and Spotted Horses in every division in which
they can compete. He has also been associated with a
hand full of top level Paso Finos Racking Horses, and
Farrier Service
Besides shoeing gaited breeds Eric has experience with dressage, hunters, jumpers, western pleasure, endurance, cutters, reiners, polo horses, timed event horse, mules, drafts, and minis.

Eric is a dedicated member of the Ga Professional Farriers Association. He handles a the majority of the association's public relations and equine community education duties. For more information on the Ga Professional Farriers Association visit

As you can see from looking at the pictures on the page, Eric has worked to save several lame horses in his career as a farrier. If you have a horse with a lameness or other lower limb issue give Eric a call. You are guaranteed an honest knowledgeable opinion and treatment program that will be custom tailored to balance what is best for your horse while keeping your budget in mind. In his near 20 years of hoof care experience Eric has learned where you can save on hoof care cost without denying the horse the best care for their issues and where cutting cost truly means sacrificing quality. Eric treats every horse he works on as if it was his own. Whether your looking for a more natural shoeless solution to your hoof care need or your horse needs shoe for the4 job it performs He will work with you to help keep you horse as comfortable as possible while also performing to the best of its abilities.

Eric offers shoeing services to Cumming and surrounding areas.

Eric also offers services at a discounted rate for horses hauled into Blackthorn Farms.
For shoeing info contact Eric (770)238-2951